Helpful Suggestions When Ordering Products

Measuring for Furniture

We list the measurements of all of our items. Before placing an order, take accurate measurements. Check and measure all doorways, entranceways, stairwell banisters and turns, ceiling heights and permanent fixtures that can make it difficult or impossible to get a piece into your home. For apartment buildings or homes with elevators, it is important to measure the elevator interior height, elevator opening and opposite wall distance. Please take into consideration every aspect and size constraint that may occur from delivery truck to the item’s final destination.

CF Interiors is not responsible for furniture that cannot fit into your home. Furniture is a custom order and final sale and may not be returned or exchanged.

Important Color Disclaimer

Every computer monitor displays color differently; consequently we cannot be responsible for variations between the actual product color and how it is displayed on your monitor. Product descriptions, including colors or shades, textures and other features are provided by the manufacturer; CF Interiors assumes no liability whatsoever for the description, for a variation in colors or textures, minor imperfections and/or for a product not meeting with customer satisfaction, excepting a manufacturer-verified defect. We cannot guarantee that a fabric swatch will match the final product due to the dyeing or painting process of many of our products. A color variance issue cannot be returned or exchanged.

Requesting Swatches/Finish Samples

You may contact us at to request a swatch or sample for some of our Custom furnishings and products to help you make a decision on your order.

Please provide credit card information so that we can process your request for finish samples. CF Interiors will not access charges for samples if they are returned within three weeks. Please return samples after reviewing them in the postage paid envelope we will provide you. CF Interiors will charge $25 for each sample set not returned within three weeks. You may keep fabric swatches for any corresponding items that you are ordering from our online products, without charge; All wood samples, however, must be returned to CF Interiors.

A Note about Natural Products

All items made from natural products, including but not limited to, marble, alabaster, granite, reclaimed wood. Natural finishes will have natural variations and no two will be the same, since these variations are derived from nature and are not seen as defects. Furniture can expand and shrink over time depending on the climate due to fluctuations in humidity. Please note that the degree of humidity or dryness in your home may cause splitting which will not affect the structural integrity of the piece and is not to be considered defective.