Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of 4 Common Throw Pillow Materials

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When it comes to interior design for the bedroom, many modern beds and bedrooms are accented with the addition of a throw pillow. Lacefield designer throw pillows are a great option for adding unique flair and comfort to your bed. However, they come in many different varieties. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to some of our favorite throw pillow materials.


Linen is a type of textile that is made from flax plant fibers. It makes a great, natural option for throw pillows because of its cool and crisp feel. Plus, it won't gather lint and becomes softer and softer with each wash. However, it tends to be a bit more expensive because of its labor-intensive production process and small batch size. It requires a bit more maintenance and frequent ironing to keep it looking its best.


Polyester is a synthetic material that is usually combined with naturally occurring chemicals. While it's considered to be wrinkle-resistant, easy to clean, and durable, it also has a very artificial feel that some may not like. Polyester is very affordable, but the price is a reflection of the quality as well. However, it's available in both wind and water-resistant blends, so certain styles may last longer than others. Polyester may be your best bet for outdoor throw pillows, too.


Cotton is one of the most popular materials for bedding. It's a natural fiber that's soft, breathable, and easy to wash and dry. However, it's quick to shrink if it's washed or dried with too much heat. It's sometimes blended with polyester or other stretchable fabrics, but if it's 100% cotton, it will wrinkle easy and require frequent ironing.


Silk is known for being luxurious. As a natural protein fiber that's produced by certain insect larvae, it has a shimmery appearance due to light reflecting off many different angles. It's extremely smooth and soft, and it's one of the strongest natural fibers ever. While it can be either washed or dry-cleaned, raw silk may shrink when washed. Additionally, silk is very susceptible to static cling, not to mention quite expensive.

Ultimately, it's important to try different materials before deciding on one for your Lacefield designer throw pillows. A recent survey by HomeGoods found that 9% of Americans haven't updated their home decor in more than 10 years, and almost half (47%) haven't in the last 5 years. If you're part of that statistic, treat yourself to some Lacefield products today. For more information about home decor ideas, contact CF Interiors. 

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