5 Living Room Design Trends To Try This Year

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interior design for the living roomSummertime is the perfect season to freshen up your home's look. By knowing the latest home design trends, you can make any room feel uniquely yours. You likely spend most of your time in the living room, so it's worth it to invest in its style. Interior design for the living room should be cozy and welcoming, incorporating fun colors and patterns. For this year's redesign, consider these design ideas.


  1. Mixed Patterns: Pattern selection is all about breaking the rules this year, so have fun by mixing it up. This trend works well with couches and throw pillows, for example. Just be sure to use these pieces as statements, keeping the rest of the room simple.
  3. Earth Tones: From terracotta to moss green, the earth tone pallet is expanding. Try mixing a variety of these to create a warm, natural atmosphere. Add some plants and wooden furniture to finish off the look.
  5. Watercolors: Water color elements are trending right now, so consider finding ways to incorporate it in your interior design ideas. Some gorgeous wall art can easily bring in this element. If you want to get more creative look for a throw blanket or pillows with a watercolor design.
  7. Navy: This shade is highly versatile, as you can pair it with a wide variety of colors. Navy looks great with light pinks, white, and metallics, but see how else you can be creative. Either choose to make it the centerpiece, through a navy couch, or use it as the main accent color.
  9. Texture: Similar to the freedom of pattern mixing, texture mixing is one of this year's top trends. Find a variety of textured furniture pieces, and pair them with plush rugs and other artistic touches. Don't be afraid to experiment.
Not sure how to best incorporate these trends? Consider hiring an interior design firm. As of 2015 there were 51,050 designers employed in the United States. These professional designers will be able to provide home decor ideas as well as the latest interior design for the living room. Once you finish off the living room, consider how you an incorporate this design into the rest of your home. Your attention to detail will pay off when your aesthetic is incorporated into every room.

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