Don't Be A Debbie-Downer About Downsizing! Here's How To Make It Fun

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Downsizing can be difficult if you're used to having so much space available for your general use. You need to be strategic about your home decor ideas now that you're in a smaller space. Downsizing requires you to look at what you really need in your day-to-day life and what it is you're holding onto for sentimental purposes only.

However, downsizing doesn't have to be a punishment where you give away all of your beloved items. Think of it as a puzzle adventure: you get to teach yourself how to live on a smaller scale and you get to re-learn interior design for the bedroom. Here's how you can have fun with your new downsizing designs.

Have fun with color and depth

Many people often say to paint a small space white to achieve an open look. And it's true, it does make the room look bigger. But it can also make your room look washed out if there's too much white space. Try going for a dual-look! Paint half the room a darker or more vibrant color from hip-level down to the floor. This creates the same illusion of space, but without the Hospital Chic. Another way to play with the interior design for the bedroom and other small rooms is to use mirrors. Modern mirror design allows you to place several cyan mirrors on the wall without losing any design appeal. They're practically artwork. And because mirrors are reflective, it gives the illusion of additional windows which can give the room more depth. Try using a large mirror if small individual mirrors aren't your style.

(Almost) Everything should have a dual purpose

The challenge with downsizing is that you no longer have additional space to hold all the furniture you need. But this doesn't have to be a bad thing either. After a house and a car, your furniture will be the most expensive thing that you'll buy. So, really, the less furniture you need the better. However, because you no longer have room for end tables and large dressers, everything you choose to place in the interior design for the bedroom and elsewhere should serve a dual purpose. Try using a storage ottoman for the living room instead of a decorative one. Try strategically placed wall shelving instead of a cat tree. You want to try to save floor space as much as possible or else your room can easily appear cluttered.

Fortunately, there's plenty of dual-purpose furniture out there and an experienced interior design firm can help you find it, choose it, and make it your own. Downsizing doesn't have to be a struggle. If you look on the bright side of things you can see your new life in a small home as a new adventure ready to be put to the test.

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